Mattie was a huge help during the last month of wedding planning! She was very professional, responded quickly, and thought of e everything from the timeline for the day of to making sure we had a plan for lunch. She helped everything go smoothly the day of our wedding!  – Sarah

I was definitely one of those type A brides and was so grateful to have Embrace the Day Events to help make my dreams come true. Amanda is truly talented in creating a vision that flows together elegantly and beautifully. She’s also a professional down to the core. In times when I was uncomfortable voicing my displeasure with other vendors, Amanda immediately stepped in and solved all of my troubles with a firm but helpful hand. She worked amazingly well with my other vendors to coordinate all the different puzzle pieces, and steered me in the right direction for two of my absolute favorite vendors. The day of went perfectly. Let me be clear- without her and her team, my wedding day (complete with rain, mud and wind) would have been an outside disaster. Instead, it was the best day of our lives and we are so glad to have chosen Embrace the Day Events! As a side note, Taylor was also incredible!  – Kayla

Amanda was amazing! I had partial planning. She was always available via phone or email. She gave me recommendations for vendors and came to the big meetings. My family had made/bought many of the decorations and Amanda took them all from me and set up the reception area so I did not have to worry about that. She created a timeline for the day and made sure the DJ and photographer followed it. I would not have made it through the day without her there! 🙂  – Jillian

Y’all, you need one of the Embrace the Day girls to coordinate your wedding day! They are phenomenal! I had ZERO, I repeat ZERO, stress on my wedding day. I knew that they had everything covered. I was able to enjoy the day with my friends and family without a literal worry in the world. Everything looked beautiful. Guests raved about the flow, look, and feel of the event and that ultimately comes down to Amanda and Halley! Everything went perfectly. I could not recommend this team highly enough. Let’s be honest, the bride and mother of the bride typically have their hands in every facet of the planning process; for my mom and I to be able to enjoy this day together is invaluable. So moms and brides, book a planner so you can enjoy this one day with your favorite person.  – Taylor

Embrace the Day/Amanda was the best decision my daughter and I ever made in regards to planning a wedding. We used her for “month of” and having her guidance and expertise made each step of finalizing vendors, etc. a painless process. The absolute best part was the help that she AND her staff brought to the actually wedding day. It was so nice to be able to just say “ask Amanda” or let one of her willing assistants take responsibility for the little details of the day. She made sure that the bride AND the mother of the bride were taken care of all day and night! Embrace the Day Events is worth every penny, and I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone that is need of a wedding planner!  – Melanie

Amanda is the best person for the job! I am convinced that she is the best wedding planner that I have ever seen. I had her for the entirety of the wedding planning. She found me the perfect vendors for all of the “specific ideas” I had. She coordinated a massive wedding that included 19 vendors. My mom and I had ZERO stress during the whole wedding planning and the day of the wedding. She makes the process easy and fun. If you are planning a wedding, book Amanda!  – Maddie

I only met with Taylor from Embrace the Day Events, no other wedding coordinator, and made my decision right then! Me and Taylor hit it off from the start and I just knew she was going to take such great care of me and be extremely helpful the last month of the planning process. I opted to go with the “month-of” package. I found it beneficial to have someone who could help me wrap up loose ends and details that I was forgetting and then be there on the wedding day to coordinate everything. Taylor was always there to answer my questions, she gave up multiple hours of her night during our meetings for me (mainly because we would get off topic from becoming BFFs so quickly), and her and her assistant hit it out of the park on my wedding day. The day went so incredibly smooth. If there were any issues with vendors I didn’t hear about it, which is great so you aren’t stressing!!! Amanda is the owner of ETDE but she has clearly coached and taught her girls how to coordinate a wedding so well. I would highly recommend using Embrace the Day Events if you’d love to build a personal relationship with your planner/coordinator, instead of just a business relationship, and if you want to feel 100% confident that every single aspect of your wedding is going to be taken care of and they are going to be so helpful in bringing your vision to life. I’m truly so grateful for Taylor and ETDE!  – Margo

Amanda is a God send 🙂 Even if you’re on a budget, if you were to splurge or invest on anything for your wedding day, I highly recommend getting a month of planner. It definitely was the best thing I spent my money on! Amanda was there pretty much every step of the way when it came to finalizing everything for the big day. She is awesome to work with, and you feel like you’re just talking to a friend! I could not have handled the wedding day without her there. She handled every single thing so I didn’t have to worry at all about anything that day. I basically just did what she told me when she told me to! Everything went so smoothly and she made sure I was on time for everything and her and her assistant even stay to do the cleanup for you so you won’t have to. I don’t know how people go through their wedding day without a planner as you’re so overwhelmed already! I could not recommend Amanda enough, if you’re looking for a month of planner or even a planner to do the whole thing for you, she is your girl! Thank you for everything!!!  – Cynthia

Amanda is AMAZING!! At the VERY LEAST, you will want Month of Planning as it allows everyone in your wedding party and family to enjoy the day and not be bogged down with details and work. I’m thrilled we put this in Amanda’s hands…it gave me a chance to enjoy the day. Day of services really are month of services as she meets with the couple about a month out, helps make all those final timelines, etc. and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, takes over calling all vendors so you don’t have to worry about it any more! She is great and so easy with which to work and I highly recommend you talk to her about your wedding.  – Marca

When I was looking for a wedding planner I knew I needed someone who works with my personality AND my mom’s. We needed someone flexible with good ideas and would keep us on budget and be willing to do the leg work since I lived 5 hours away. Amanda was fantastic at this! Amanda is very laid back which was great for us but she also was quick to put out any fires that came our way. She was always able to get us multiple bids in a short period and handled all of the communication with our vendors. Even though she wasn’t even from Wichita Falls, she had no problem making the drive to go to meetings with us and she was always just a text or call away (even if it was 11pm and you are wondering which engagement picture looks the best for save the dates). I definitely was the most thankful for Amanda (and her FANTASTIC assistant Meggie) the week leading up to the wedding and the day of. I seriously didn’t have to do anything except show up- if vendors tried to contact me or ask last minute questions, Amanda handled it. The day of Amanda was always calm and was all about catering to me and my now husband, to the point our wedding party said how amazing she was. When an issue came up Amanda adjusted our time frame and kept the ball rolling. She also got our food and gave us time to eat when we first got there and always made sure we had a drink! I am a very type A person so I needed someone who was organized and on their game. Amanda was amazing with her itineraries, check list emails, and to-do lists and I highly recommend her!  – Helen

Embrace the Day Events is SO great! We hired Amanda for month-of coordinating and it was the best decision we made! I don’t know how everything would’ve come together without her help! She thought of every detail and made sure that everything ran smoothly. She worked hard during our wedding in order to allow us, and our families, to have a relaxing and enjoyable day! I highly suggest Embrace the Day events to anyone looking for a wedding planner!! – Laurel

I could not have asked for a better event planner for my wedding. She was everything we needed and MORE! We hired her for the month and day of, but met with her and got to know her beforehand. She also helped us get started with a checklist of things to do up until we saw her. Up until the month of she would email to check on us 🙂 Then, when the time came, she hit the ground running and took on all the vendors and so much more, which made everything SO organized. She was very sweet and treated me like a friend. She was also very calm and cool when I got anxious, which I really appreciated. I had no worries. Don’t look elsewhere!  – Krista

Can’t say enough about this girl! My husband was against spending money on a wedding planner but after our wedding he said she totally made our wedding! We don’t know how we would have gotten through the craziness without her! It rained on our wedding day which was supposed to be outdoors and she took care of everything to create a beautiful ceremony inside at the last minute along with making calls due to road closures around our venue because flooding. She kept me calm in the worst possible situation and made sure my day was perfect! She is very professional and an amazing person inside and out. You won’t regret hiring her!  – Nicole

Amanda is so, so great! I wasn’t initially interested in hiring a planner but there are a lot of things I don’t know about and now that I’ve witnessed the pure magic that comes from Amanda, I’m so glad my mom made the executive decision to bring Amanda on! I’m serious, she covered every little detail that I just sort of figured would work itself out or somehow magically end up beautifully pieced together in the center of each table. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for her! On top of that, she laughed at our jokes, dressed cute and was super friendly and welcoming. I only had her for a month, and I miss her already, but it was a great time and I owe so much to her! You will not be let down!  – Caitlin