Vendor Meals

There have been a couple of articles floating around the web about not needing to feed your vendors on your wedding day. Vendor Meals can be confusing and often times they tend to be a missed detail, but they are very important and I’m here to tell you why, as well as the various options that you have.

When I was a kid and had a test at school, like the TAKS tests (we called them achievement tests), my parents made sure I had a really good breakfast to fuel my brain and body. It’s a similar situation for your vendors, and I tell people all of the time that wedding days are similar to test days. Sometimes it can be like a real life word problem (yikes!), so we need to be on our A game at any given time. I even find myself studying my notes the night/week before to make sure I have all of the details engrained in my brain, as if I’m studying for a test.

Your wedding vendors are very active on your wedding day, and they need food to function properly. Most will eat before they come but will be there for very long periods of time, and they will start dragging after some time has passed. Some of the articles I mentioned earlier say that vendors need to pack a lunch/dinner, but it’s rare that vendors have access to a refrigerator, freezer or microwave so that significantly limits the food options they can pack. Other articles say that there’s never a good time for them to eat, but that’s simply just not true. During dinner is a perfect time for them to eat because you don’t want awkward photos or video of yourself or your guests with mouthfuls of food, the DJ will typically have a playlist going, and it’s an idle time for your planner(s).

As a planner, I always ask the bride and the caterer what the plan is for vendor meals. Some caterers tell me the client hasn’t mentioned them, some caterers take the initiative and include it in their overall price, and some make box lunches with sandwiches and chips. Various factors will play into the meal options like if you have a band, they will have to eat before the reception begins and often times before the food is ready, therefore box lunches are required. Every caterer and wedding is different, so I encourage you to talk to them or your planner about the options they have for vendor meals.

Bottom line – feed your vendors. They will be VERY grateful and your day will be that much better!

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