Wedding Projects

It’s so important to add different and fun details to your wedding because that’s what makes it YOUR wedding! I always love seeing the various details and DIY projects that show the couple’s personalities and love for each other. With Pinterest and all of the DIY ideas online, it can seem overwhelming to tackle all of the projects that you like. I recommend picking a couple and starting on them as early as possible so you’re not pulling all-nighters the week of the wedding.

0176_Amanda and Alex Wedding Day-XL
Photo by Ben Q. Photography

For me, it was important that our guest book be unique and something that we’ll actually look at daily. After searching Pinterest for different ideas, we decided that a “guest globe” would be awesome AND unique! My mom and I searched the local antique mall and found a globe with neutral colors that spun around every which way (important because guests wouldn’t just sign on top, but could sign on Antarctica if they wanted to). Sold! We took it home and I got to work right away.

I painted all of the ocean and some of the smaller islands black. This was tedious because it took multiple coats, but not too difficult. The names and date were a challenge and took me multiple tries. The great thing about this particular project was that I could just paint black over the names if they didn’t look good and try again.

Here’s the finished product, which now sits in the middle of our house so we get to enjoy it all the time and remember our awesome family & friends.

If you’re struggling with the customized details and DIY projects for your wedding, I’d love to chat with you and see how I can help!

Don’t forget to embrace the day!


P.S. Here are the supplies I used for the Guest Globe:

  • Globe (I recommend searching for one that can spin up or down, and sideways)
  • Black craft paint
  • Gold leaf paint pen
  • Crafting paint brushes (a multi-pack that has a smaller brush to do the edges of the continents and a wide one to paint the larger parts of the ocean)


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